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Using the principles of SEO, we place your product in front of your ideal customer, when the time is right. 

Our methodology guarantees you an increase to your ROAS and MER

The Kandle to Kandle Process

Many times over, your ideal buyer, the journey they travel to purchase your product, and the brand’s current objectives are not considered in an SEO campaign. Our Process focuses on aligning your omni-channel marketing strategy in three steps.

Deep Technical Audit

Step 1
  • Establishes the building blocks of your online presence
  • Technically aligns platform across all channels
  • prioritizes the technical sEO that generates you revenue

Strategic Keyword Research

Step 2
  • Defines Ideal Avatar persona
  • Positions Brand using your 4 P's
  • Defines The Pillar keyword tied to your revenue generating goals
  • Develops a keyword database That's tied to an omni-channel buyers journey

Buyer's Journey Content Strategy

Step 3
  • Determine the Pillar piece of content that matches the culmination point in the buyer's journey
  • Defines each sub-topic that will reinforce the pillar piece and resonate with ideal customer
  • Develop content templates for each channel and stage of the buyer's journey

Why Choose Us

Revenue Focused

Many SEO agencies are focused on vanity metrics. We focus on what matters: $$$

Omni-Channel SEO

SEO should not just be search focused. We use the principles of SEO to algin your search presence with ALL marketing channels.

Ideal Customer Centric

Your SEO strategy should not be just a complicated competitor gap analysis. Our SEO focuses on what YOUR ideal customer is searching for at each stage of the buying journey.

you ask we answer

Yes! Each service is designed to deliver what you need when you need it. Every “step” of our process can be broken down and integrated into your current marketing plan. This gives you the SEO alignment and boost needed to optimize any omni-channel strategy. 

Each step is priced individually and on a project basis. There are incentives to bundle each service, but if your brand needs a more in-depth or a more nuanced approach, the project will be priced accordingly. 

No! Due to our project based billing, there is a one time transaction at the beginning of each campaign. 

Each campaign is designed to be delivered over 1-2 months, depending on the needs or glide path of your deployment process. 

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