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  • Email: kai.kizzie@kandletokandle.com
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Kai serves as a consultant in Kandle to Kandle. Here at Kandle to Kandle, Kai focuses on guiding his team of Kandle to Kandle community members toward one goal: serving small businesses the expert level marketing consulting they need to achieve their goals and take their organizations to the stratosphere. 

Kandle to Kandle offers expert consulting on 3 pillars of SEO: The technical foundation of your online presence, Your strategic keyword targeting, and your content deployment strategy. Together, these pillars of SEO combine to be the wind that fills the sails of your marketing yacht.  

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“Creativity, Honesty, Perseverance, and Discipline will allow you to conquer all things Possible”

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Kai Kizzie was born January 1995 in Fayetteville, North Carolina to Keith and Coyea Kizzie. His parents moved around much of his early childhood due to military relocation. It wasn’t until his late adolescence that he established a true identity in McDonough, Georgia. A Suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout this time, Kai developed an intense passion for music and competition. As he graduated from Highschool and moved on to College, he entered a phase we all know too well. He calls this “The Phase of Enlightenment.”  

The Enlightenment Phase began with his admission to The United States Military Academy at West Point.  Through perseverance and  discipline, he was able to achieve his first real goal: graduating from West Point with the Class of 2018. Next, Kai was whisked away to Oklahoma, South Korea, and Texas to serve his country as a Field Artillery Officer. As a Lieutenant in the Army, he filled many roles from an entry level operations officer assisting in the planning of battalion level operations to an executive officer  running the operations at a company level. 

Throughout his time as an Army Officer, Kai always looked toward his next step. No Career is forever, so he was diligent in thinking through his possible next steps. After, a good amount of internal deliberation, a  marketing found its way to the forefront. This agency will serve as his next steps toward serving those who need. Kai is not a classically trained marketer. While at West Point, he studied Engineering Management; however, he chose what his heart desired, and Creativity, Honesty, Perseverance, and Discipline will allow you to conquer all things. Digital Marketing is the next frontier Kai chose to conquer. Will you join him?

6. Lastly, you can peruse Kai’s general interest. They range from emerging technology, to robust tequilas.


  • Kai likes to spend his free time enjoying digital entertainment ranging from the latest immersive sci-fi drama, Dune, to the business drama satire Succession. Movies and TV allows him to have a brief escape to experience the dramatized lives of the on screen personalities.
  • He loves competition. Any sport will have him captivated. Often times, he wants to see a team’s determination put them on top. 
  • Kai enjoys diving into different business development philosophies. Many of the concepts reflect directly on his time in the military. 
  • If you are sharing a drink with Kai, offer him a solid aged Tequila. His favorite is the Noble Corazon Extra Anejo straight from Jalisco, Mexico. You can order it here.