Multi-Channel Marketing Keyword Strategy

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Your keywords can guide you in many ways but there are only a few that will pay dividends.

  1. Keyword guided ad copy
  2. Keyword guided campaigns
  3. A combination of both

1. Keyword Guided Copy

Using keywords in your copy should point the user toward the general intent of the ad or content. However, that keyword is not necessarily capturing the right user at the right point in their buyer’s journey.  

2. Keyword Guided Campaigns

A keyword guided campaign allows you to construct a campaign around a specific keyword. If you want to create a campaign to sell you new Men’s Jeans, Men’s Jeans will guide the creation of all the content throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey. The problem is that the user doesn’t know they want your new pair of Men’s Jeans, until you make them aware, make the consider, and then make them purchase. The single “Men’s Jeans” keyword does not serve that purpose. 

3. A Combination of Both

Combining both of these techniques and zeroing the focus brings you to how Kandle to Kandle produces the keyword strategy for multichannel campaigns. Using your main keyword to build the foundation for your campaign is essential. This aligns all of your channels in the right direction: down the funnel. But, you cannot stop there. You must breakdown your guiding keyword across the buyer’s journey. Once broken down, it’s feasible to determine which keywords to apply to which ad or content, ultimately connecting with the right customer at the right time. 

Below, you can see how we uncovered over $2 Million in potential revenue by using our Keyword Strategy Process

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