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The SEO services you need to lift your marketing to the next level

Our combination of SEO services delivers the focused optimization you need when you need it. We specialize in providing the SEO pillar to your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Our Deep Technical Audit establishes the building blocks of any online presence. We use our technical audit to ensure your platform is properly aligned and moving toward all of your revenue generating goals.

we focus on the issues that are preventing your owned media from driving the maximum amount of revenue for your business. Whether that is putting more of your unique webpages in front of your target audience or increasing the stickiness of your website, we focus on the highest ROI. 

SEO technical audit
SEO keyword research

Through an analysis of your Buyer’s Journey and desired position within your target market, our Strategic Keyword Research builds the winning web of keywords that will reinforce your content creation across all of your platforms with an SEO focused super charge.

We don’t just deliver you a list of keywords that you should target in your niche. If you want to just grow your organic traffic towards no real goal, that can work. At Kandle to Kandle, our Keyword strategy is grounded in your specific marketing goals. We use the principles of marketing to zone in on your buyer’s journey and future positioning. We prioritize how SEO practices can fuel your other digital marketing vehicles.

Your ideal customer drives content creation. We develop your buyer’s persona, and build their journey from uniformed user to raving fan. This SEO backed content strategy breaks down each target topic into the content topics that should be targeted to reach your desired customer at the optimal point in their buyer’s journey.

Stringing your content together is only important if the pieces are actually reinforcing each other. Our content strategy develops your ideal customer, ties them into their buyer’s journey, then creates the content pieces you should create to engage with them at every step of the way. Our strategy is reinforced with the principles of SEO, so the equity of each piece of content will reinforce your authority in your target market.  

Each of our services can be implemented independently. Independent implementation allows us at Kandle to Kandle to serve you the expert level SEO you need, when you need it. However, combining these services guarantees you receive our expert level service at every stage of the SEO process. 

you asked we answer

Yes! Each service is designed to deliver what you need when you need it. Every “step” of our process can be broken down and integrated into your current marketing plan. This gives you the SEO alignment and boost needed to optimize any omni-channel strategy. 

Each step is priced individually and on a project basis. There are incentives to bundle each service, but if your brand needs a greater or more limited, nuanced, approached, the project will be priced accordingly.  

No! Due to our project based billing, there is a one time transaction at the beginning of each campaign. 

Each campaign is designed to be delivered over 1-2 months, depending on the needs or glide path of your deployment process. 

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“We have worked with brands across all portions of their buyer's journey. Our partnership is primed for any Retail brand ready to launch themselves into the stratosphere”

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